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Twenty years ago there was a major planar accident, an epic-level screwup of such magnitude that it pushed the prime material plane out of its place in the cosmos. Ever since then the world has been getting colder and colder. The whole world is in the worst ice age you can imagine - the equator's frozen and the poles are wide-open portals to the paraelemental plane of Ice. If not for magic, everyone would be dead. There are only a quarter million people left alive.

But there is hope: you.

Permafrost is a 42-page PDF introducing ten new 20-level base classes. The book also includes forty plot seeds, a new monster template, the effects of winds, weather, and cold all in one place, and two versions of the PDF for reading on-screen or black-and-white printing. A minimalist setting ties it all together, allowing you to expand on it the way you want, or strip it out to use these classes in your own campaign.

Since the new classes are the core of the supplement, how about a list?

Permafrost also introduces Signature spells, an excellent way to reduce the complexity of your high-level spellcasters without sacrificing their effectiveness.

At just seventy-five cents per base class, Permafrost is an excellent use of your hard-earned money, and a must-have for anyone running an arctic-themed game. It is currently available at, and will soon be found at DriveThruRPG and

Permafrost requires a set of the core rules or SRD in order to run. It is not a complete game.

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