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Sufficiently Advanced Second Edition, 11/29/14

While I don't use this site very often any more, I did want to mention that the second edition of SA is now available!

This second edition runs on an entirely new diceless system that allows an even wider range of character types. It also describes five different settings, built out of the standard (expanded) set of civilizations and societies, for different types of game play.

Click here to get it at RPGNow as a pay-what-you-want product.

Quiet around here, huh. 10/1/12

I haven't used this site for development in quite a while, so I wanted to give some pointers to places where game development is still taking place. You can still find old info here, but not much new info.

Development and announcements for Sufficiently Advanced can be found at our Wikidot site. I recommend AdBlock when you visit; Wikidot put in ads in the time since I started that site.

Materials for various editions of Console can be found at another Wikidot site. Again, AdBlock is your friend. Don't surf without it.

Most of my development time is taken up by Sufficiently Advanced, for which I am creating a second edition. If you're interested in any of my older games, you will definitely be interested in reading the section below.

Big News: 1/26/09

Creative Commons BY-NC LicenseAs of today, the full text of many Valent Games are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license. The text of this license can be found here, with the legalese here.

What's Covered? The full text of the following games and any supplements to them:

Anything that I have written (or will write) on any development journal is also covered under this license.

Words written by others are not necessarily released under this license - that would be The Other Side, The Book of Guilds, and Mutatis Mutandis, which I edited rather than wrote. Supplements released under the OGL (The Four Magics, Above & Beyond) might not get the Creative Commons treatment, depending on how their current license and the CC license interact.

The graphics from my works are explicitly not covered, because of the terms by which I bought them from the original artists. You cannot reuse the artwork.

What Does This Mean? This means you can write supplements for SA. You can write Sufficiently Advanced 2nd Edition. You can strip out any part of the book for your own and use any amount of the existing text. You are not required to apply the CC-BY-NC license to your own derivative works.

Is it Free Now? The price of SA (and the rest of the Valent Games catalog) has been reduced to $1 at RPGNow and DriveThru. The hardcopies that can be bought through Lulu have been brought as low as possible. I still want to let these companies get a little money for hosting, but my own income will be minimal. I'll probably set up a donation item for those who want to throw a few bucks my way.

Will it all get put online? If anyone would like to take all of SA and put it online, you are welcome to do so. I would love to have that kind of resource available. Ever seen That kind of thing would kick much ass.

Can I sell my supplement? Please note the line in the license that says "Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder." I'm serious about that - if you want to make a supplement for SA, Console, or Valence and sell it for money, just talk to me. Ditto if you want to use the game system in your own book and make a profit from it. Just talk to me; I am almost certain to give you a thumbs-up.

Will you still be developing games? Yes. Feel free to develop them yourself as well!

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